Senior care


More and more seniors are keeping their natural teeth. Care should not stop when you get older. It is more important than ever to take good care of your mouth, whether you have natural teeth, or wear partial/full dentures. Oral disease and pain can negatively impact our ability to speak, chew and eat nutritiously, all of which can lead to a decline in overall health.
Seniors are especially at risk for developing xerostomia (dry mouth). Early detection of potential underlying causes is crucial.

Causes of dry mouth can include but is not limited to:
-high blood pressure
-radiation therapy

As a dental hygienist, I am trained to know what signs to look for before it becomes a serious problem. I will formulate a treatment plan tailored for your dry mouth. I can make recommendations and discuss which product might work best for you as I know it can be overwhelming to choose.
As we know poor oral health can put a strain on our overall health. Studies are linking the bacteria in our mouth systemically to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Many people have dexterity issues and simply cannot perform regular oral hygiene routines. I will provide oral care instructions depending on the client's needs.
Many people are not aware that it is necessary to remove dentures nightly. Oral tissues need a chance to breath. Dentures need to be soaked overnight and thoroughly brushed with a denture brush and water. Avoid using toothpastes as they can be abrasive and scratch the denture.
As part of the assessment I will assess the fit of the denture, address if client is having problems chewing and look for changes in the oral cavity. Denture labeling is also part of my service. Referrals provided to denturist or dentist as needed.
I will develop a homecare program for both the client and caregivers and recommend products to keep dentures clean and in place.
Referrals as necessary to dentist or denturist
In-services for staff at long term facilities and seniors residences can be arranged.

See the following fact sheets from Ontario/Canadian Dental Hygienists Association:
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