Oral Assesssment


The initial visit we will go over your medical and dental history. This information helps me to gather valuable information to determine if care can be provided. You can tell me about yourself and your past experiences. We will address any concerns you have about your care. The oral assessment involves a thorough examination of your mouth, head and neck. Charting of existing teeth and fillings would also be completed. All of the information gathered will let us formulate a treatment plan for you. You will be part of the decision making process. You may find some of the questions not pertinent during this initial data gathering, however, each question helps me to gather knowledge about your oral health.
For example, I may ask if you suffer from heart burn or acid reflux?
Prolonged periods of elevated acidity in your mouth caused by acid indigestion or acidic foods can cause severe erosion of your enamel. This can cause extremely sensitive teeth and eventually can destroy your teeth. This would be part of treatment and prevention.

For more information please download the ODHA fact sheet