Interim Stabilization Therapy (IST)


Frequently people loose fillings or break teeth and are in severe pain. IST is a Glass Ionomer based fluoride releasing filling used as therapeutic intervention. It is an invaluable service in that the filling will relieve pain and prevent further breakdown of the tooth until the person is able to get to a dentist. This type of filling can last for years.


CDHO guidelines states temporary restorations may be placed in either primary or permanent teeth as a preventative measure when:
-access to a permanent restoration is not immediate or practical
-there is a reasonable risk of further damage to the tooth structure
-the pulp is not exposed
-the client is in discomfort or is experiencing difficulty in eating
-the discomfort is due to recent trauma, fracture, or lost dental restoration
-the client has not received any medical/dental advice that would contraindicate placing a temporary restoration
-the client consents to treatment and it is in the clients’ best interest to proceed
-there are no medical contraindications to the restorative material

The client must be informed that the filling is temporary and refer to a dentist.
Countless times I have been providing dental hygiene services to clients in long term care facilities with severely broken teeth or lost fillings and this type of temporary filling would have greatly benefitted them. As you do not need a needle, it is a non-invasive, painless, inexpensive procedure. The fee for a single IST temporary filling is $56.39

Watch this video on the benefits of glass ionomer fillings: